500 MB of Brand New Samples Added to the Collection

New sounds dance.

Thank you to everyone who contributed original samples over the last two years. I’ve listened to every sample (over 20GB of uploads in total) so as to organize and integrate only the very best 500 MB of these sounds. See here.

7.7 GB collection download

As always everything here is 100% free for downloading. Just visit SampleSwap.org, login, and download all the samples you like in batches of 20MB each. Or, download the entire up-to-date SampleSwap collection as one giant ZIP file. You can also have the collection mailed to you anywhere in the world on a DVD. See the donation page for details.

Get the entire collection as a download or DVD

Some highlights from this 500 MB update

  • 54 brilliant drum loops and 91 melodic loops — All trimmed to perfect loops and & BPM-calculated.
  • 15 original drum kits — from psycore to subway sounds to tablas and even a kit made up of snowball sounds.
  • 32 public domain songs — Ready for remixing. The majority of these are from the John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recordings collection. These are  wonderfully scratchy phonograph recordings of blues, farm songs and hollers, and vaudevillian sketches. Since these are public domain recordings, there’s no requirement to ‘share alike’ or even provide attribution.
  • And more: Gorgeous looped ambience, snippets from TV/film/radio, and a handful of vocals and acapellas.

Again, a very warm thank you to everyone who has contributed samples and kept SampleSwap online with their donations since 1999.

– Canton

PS: Have you ever wondered how much work goes into preparing one of these updates? Watch this time-lapse video to see what goes on in just a fraction of a sample curating session.

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  1. James says:


    I’m interested in sampling some of the public domain songs posted in this new pack, however, are we free to do so and distribute the new works commercially? I noticed that you wrote that we are free to remix but there is no mention of this. Thanks.


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