Superb free Ableton Live template – Psychedelic trance

Ahoy, Ableton Live users! Tom Cosm of Ableton Live training fame ( has put together an outstanding tutorial / fun / psytrance jamming template for Live based entirely on free sounds from

Download Tom’s Psytrance Live Template (93 MB ZIP)

Check out Tom’s video to hear what this template can do:

4 Responses to “Superb free Ableton Live template – Psychedelic trance”

  1. dlbzh says:

    great stuff THANKS

  2. Leland says:

    This looks awesome! Unfortunately i am new to ableton and im having issues opening the template. How do i do it? maybe my laptop is to slow? thnx

  3. glen says:

    hey bro im using an ableton ver 8.0.5.. this template does not load in it ..could use some Help !!

  4. John Renner says:


    You are more than a musician. I believe term Master is appropriate. Thank you for all your great work. Some years ago chose a word for my band to relate to—the ‘hop’. I felt the music had to have a hop generated by all playing the exact same feel.
    Later, I heard someone called a genre hip hop, which essentially was what I was describing. Your music has an incredible hop feel to it with the inside rhythmic skips—all your creations synced up like maniacs.
    I can listen to this incredible mastery all day…

    Thanks for your generous free contributions—so appreciated,

    -john (renner)

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