"02 Moment by Moment" by earthling

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Hello planet Earth and thanx for your ears! Please take this music to your Master and feel free to have him scrutinize it in a constructive manner. I've been in to music tech for about a year and a half now-so much to learn. Peace. Chuck EE


  • November 10, 2007


    nice one :) r
  • November 11, 2007


    Good stuff man :-) I loved the gated instruments and pads! Some of the synths and beats sounded bit dirty which for me isn't good. (Matter of taste, I don't want to start to argue!) But overall feeling of this track was good :-P Gonna download this one!
  • April 24, 2008


    Love it, I really really like where this one is going! At 1:54 there's a a glitch and I can't tell if it's an intentional glitch or an MP3 encoded glitch? Later on there's obviously some glitchy stuff that's intentional, I'm not talking about that -- Just a single stutter at 1:54 that sounded a little off to my ears. Production-wise I've really loved how spacious and full your other tracks are -- but this one is a little *too* spacious for my tastes. My ears feel like they're floating about 10 feet to either side of my head :) I think the track would benefit from picking out just one or two instruments and sticking them dead center, removing reverb, chorusing, etc. so they're just flat and in your face. I think that would ground the mix altogether. Also this song ends abruptly -- was that a truncated upload or just an intentional abrupt end?

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