"ding-04" by steve

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About This Track

i used cubase,a couple of drum loops and roland xv-88 synth.2007


  • October 8, 2007


    I really enjoyed this. Mellow, deep. Maybe could have used a little more variety on the drums, a few more turnarounds and such. Also that echoey-bassline, what if you doubled it with a simple (sine wave) bass doing just the same thing but one or even two octaves down? I think then that echoey bassline would *jump out* crazy. It's one of my favorite tricks -- you have a low sinewave subbass doing your bassline, but your ears can't really pick up on the pitches in that lowest octave, so you double it with some nice higher octave maybe echoey thing like you have here, then WHOMP the bassline because a real hook for the song. My $.02 :)

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