"Feeding Frenzy (aka Smart Maxwell)" by Brap Allgood

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A song featuring Jordan Maxwell, sampled from The Alex Jones Show. http://brapallgood.com http://jordanmaxwell.com http://infowars.com


  • November 6, 2008


    Oops! I had originally uploaded this and commented to give the infos, but then I remastered it and POOF, forgot to update this part, too. That's okay, though, because I came here to add a [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl3pkO6adrY]video[/url], anyway! Firstly, go [url=http://brapblog.blogspot.com/2008/08/music-feeding-frenzy-aka-smart-maxwell.html]here[/url] for the original blog about this track, go [url=http://brapblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/music-video-feeding-frenzy.html]here[/url] for the new one about the [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl3pkO6adrY]video[/url]. This track uses samples of [url=http://jordanmaxwell.com]Jordan Maxwell[/url], as sampled from multiple appearances on [url=http://infowars.com]The Alex Jones Show[/url] [i:990d5a5bbf](all Fair Use, no issues to use these samples, btw...great source for samples and more)[/i:990d5a5bbf]. It took quite a lot of effort to achieve and left me feeling there was something missing...something that I couldn't put in there myself. Thankfully, my buddy [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalistShill]GlobalistShill[/url] once again was moved to create a visual side of the song and it is [b:990d5a5bbf]exactly[/b:990d5a5bbf] what it/I needed. :) I mean, don't get me wrong...I love the song, just as it is. It says everything I wanted it to and creates exactly the right mood that I was after. In fact, someone on [url=http://digg.com/music/Feeding_Frenzy_8]Digg[/url] said the following and it makes me smile pretty damn wide: [quote:990d5a5bbf]"i do not trust the freaking sounds in this video either... my ears and body seems to hurt after hearing it... and i have heard some very disturbing things about what type of "messages" or frequency patterns they can place inside..."[/quote:990d5a5bbf] C'mon! You can't [b:990d5a5bbf][i:990d5a5bbf]pay[/i:990d5a5bbf][/b:990d5a5bbf] for feedback like that! I [b:990d5a5bbf]love[/b:990d5a5bbf] it. Of course, I did not put a single d@mn subliminal thing in the d@mn freaky song. I [b:990d5a5bbf]do[/b:990d5a5bbf], however, love to mess with frequencies in such a way that it does sometimes make you hear things...but it's all you. It's supposed to be fun. :D ...But this person obviously comes from a sheltered background in music. Obviously. Make of it what you will. The vid seems to be getting some great reception so far. (And, as always, WAVES to Canton!)

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