"The Dander Lion (My Second Master version)" by Brap Allgood

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About This Track

This is my second attempt at mastering. The difference between it and the original I uploaded here to SampleSwap, which was the source, is HUGE. Enjoy. :) http://brapallgood.com


  • August 1, 2008


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    This is a track I originally uploaded to SampleSwap a while back, now mastered. HUGE difference now, but only my second attempt at mastering. Check out the original [url=http://www.sampleswap.org/viewtopic.php?t=1411]here[/url] and hear for yourself what a difference mastering makes...I am leaving the original of this one up for this very purpose. :) [url=http://brapallgood.com]Brap Allgood[/url]

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