"Useless" by Dru Defiya

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About This Track

Hi there this is my first upload to this site. Just thought I'd share one of my tunes with you guys since I'm using the site. Forgive me if the master is a bit off on this one because I did it on my crappy amp and bookshelfs at home instead of in the studio. Enjoy. :)


  • October 26, 2007


    he got skilz! te song don start well untill 2 minits but then it like BLAAAAAM! chek it.
  • October 26, 2007


    i LIKE it ! , very nice build and rhythm ! i would lower the level of the lead saw a bit though - its 2-3 db too loud i think.. and maybe some stereo imaging and more reverb would make that track perfect! nice one ;}

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