"Lost" by South East

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  • June 1, 2007


    stunning track, lovely old skool drum & bass sound but it still sounds really fresh, reminds me of ltj bukem minus conrad. loved it, especially after the breakdown. will be one I listen to many times. Can you do me a favour and take a listen, and the time to leave a feedback, good or bad on a couple of tracks I have uploaded called masterblaster, and another called people. cheers and keep on making tunes like this :-)
  • June 25, 2007


    Great melodic content here. Nice way it evolves too. I love hearing atmospheric jazzy d'n'b -- yes definitely some oldschool moving shadow vibes here. One thing, I'd love to hear a version with some more work on the drums. They sound a little thin/MIDI to me, and at times quantized a little too straight. Could use some 16th swing, plus some fresh, snappier sounds.

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