"The V Day" by G.A.R.

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About This Track

Well after a day that was suppose to be a rememberable event during last Valentines Day, turn out to be a disappointment in term of a couple of things. The flowers I ordered didn't show up till the following day and the girlfriend suddenly was called in to work. I had also prepared a delicious meal to boot. Well never the less I had plenty of time on my hands all of a sudden so I put this together that night. By the way we celebrated The V Day... the next day :)


  • May 17, 2007


    I added a video to this track a few months ago, about a old subject matter. Although the track was inspired for other reasons. I decided to add it to a video complilation. The timing seemsed to work well so I posted the video on one of my website. If you want to view it [url=http://www.garadio.net]Click Here[/url]
  • January 7, 2014


    Well executed. One of my favorites on this site thus-far.

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