"mopery" by brandon

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About This Track

loose time/swing makes it theatrical, reminiscent of a david lynch film. i was feeling in a mopey mood, so i made a "story" out of my day. i use fl studio 5.


  • May 11, 2007


    you'll have to download it to hear the full song, this site cuts off the last half or so of all my songs. thanks.
  • May 12, 2007


    This is a fantastic track -- and it's not cut off like the others :) Love the spaciousness and the rolling drums and rolling everything. Nice detuned piano thing...
  • May 12, 2007


    This should be a TV drama or something! Really good!
  • May 12, 2007


    really cool song
  • May 13, 2007


    thanks guys. btw it's not cut off for anyone who may read this. i think i might do a remix of this song. i'm glad y'all like this one.
  • September 16, 2010


    This is wonderful stuff....

    I've not long joined SampleSwap and yours is the first track I've listened to, and I must say I really like it a lot. It has echoes of Eric Satie (French composer), and the atmosphere is very hypnotic, dark and melancholy - which I love. The percussion just turns it on its head and takes you somewhere else entirely. A wonderful composition indeed. Best... Max

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