"Secret" by aeriform

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About This Track

This is my first upload on sampleswap, any comments are welcome!


  • April 12, 2007


    I finished this track 2 days ago, spesially for this contest. Now I can`t tell you nothing about this track, because i cant sufficiently judje it (I listened it over 150 times :) In two words: a little melodic, impulsive, strange. reasonable fast, a little agressive. (Now it is your turn:) I have one else track in progress and I hope I have time to finish it before contest deadline
  • May 13, 2007


    I love melodic drum & bass. Nice super-subs on this. (though I do think the subs are a bit too loud, they take over the bottom end and eat the kick drum entirely.) Nice programming. What a big break at 3:00 -- and into some harder loops, nice one. The mixing on the 2nd half is much more balanced, no subs eating everything up.
  • May 17, 2007


    First of all thank you for great contest! Yes I know about subs, but it`s hard to master such track on cheap "monitors" (2:1 system). Later I listened it on normal system and understood that people will listen only my subs, because was very hard to hear anything else:) Thank you for feedback, it`s very important for me because this is one of my first tracks (over 2 years I only learned and experimented). P.S and sorry for my bad english :)

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