"butterflyMin" by des xavier

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About This Track

smooth dnb/dub step electro vibe


  • November 30, 2011


    Sounds Like its Missing a Lot Of Elements Man
  • December 2, 2011


    it ain't rap man...
  • February 26, 2012


    I like this tune. "minimal psychedelic dub techno" maybe? :) Great psychology at work: surprises, breaks. Subtle. Unique, too. The mix feels off on my end -- very muddy / bassy. I'd love to hear this exact arrangement again only differently EQ'd, esp. since you've got those shimmering reverbs and things going on. Maybe try re-mastering on someone else's speakers?
  • March 1, 2012


    hey thanks for the feedback, it's great to get constructive criticism :) this tune is definitely a work in progress and not mastered. Although I do strive to get the most bass out of a mix I fail if the mix is muddy. I put my macky monitors on +2db bass and the second part of the tune does indeed feel muddy in the bass region. If/when I do release this track, I'll send you a pm ! Have a listen to my latest stuff here, perhaps you'll enjoy it too ;) http://loscape.com/releases.html#compulsive Des.

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