"Sprung" by Astroboy

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PC running Cubase, Access Virus, Korg Prophecy and a smattering of SampleSwap samples - in particular the spoken vocal snippets, some percussion and the female delayed stuttered vocal.


  • April 2, 2007



    Hi, I got the description wrong on this track, I forgot which one I had uploaded. The vocal samples are not from Sampleswap but some of the percussion and other sound FX are. Same equipment used plus some VSTs. Tim (Astroboy)
  • May 10, 2007


    Superb production! Really clear, crisp, thumpy, well balanced. Definitely one of the best mixed trance tracks I've heard here so far. Nice and loud but not overcompressed. I like the melodies and the beats are superb. and those psytrance squirty weirdnesses in at 2:52 are great -- care to give us some tips on how those nice bandpassy squealy things are done? :) very few criticisms -- maybe 1) I think the spoken word sample is weak -- not very charismatic. Or maybe I just love terrence mckenna samples too much. :) 2) Never hurts to have a little bit of harmonic progression in the song -- maybe even a transposition midway through? Cheesy, I know, but can definitely build things up some.
  • May 14, 2007


    Thanks again for the feedback - glad to hear you like the production. I’d certainly say my forte is the production side of things, and the artistic side sometimes lets me down, although I chose those two tracks to upload specifically as I really like the melodies. I would think that Sprung is probably the best produced tune I’ve made, I’m really pleased with the punchy bassline and how loud and clear everything is – I don’t always achieve that result I have to say! The squelchy sound on that track comes from my Virus, although it can certainly be made on any synth with a band pass filter and some kind of control over the oscillator pitch. I used an LFO to modulate the pitch of a Saw wave quite drastically so it never settles on a particular pitch – and set the LFO to start at the same phase with each note rather than free running - and played really low notes so that you can really hear the peaks of the saw wave as ‘burps’. This sound is enhanced when you put it through the BP filter, which I tweaked merrily until I got a sound I liked. Come to think of it it probably went through both Virus filters, maybe one HP but I can't really remember now. Certainly replicable on most VSTs with two filter stages like Albino or something similar. Cheers for the criticisms too – I really like what the guy is saying in the sample – but as a sound I agree it doesn’t really come across that well in the track I guess, it’s quiet and the guy doesn’t really have a strong voice. As for the idea of changing the harmonic progression – I’m often a sucker for doing that as I like a nice tune but other people have told me my stuff’s cheesy so I try to tone it down a bit – hence this is fairly samey throughout. Overall I'm pleased with it for the overall sound and the fact that it's a quite an upbeat, tuneful dance track without being too full on and without being 'hands in the air'.
  • May 17, 2007


    This rocks and should have won!

    OK, I am not sure about the judging process, but this song was better than the three that won grand prize in my opinion. It totally made me want to dance around the office! Keep up the good work! Sam
  • May 17, 2007


    Re: This rocks and should have won!

    [quote:c842a5c5b5="empirepd"]OK, I am not sure about the judging process, but this song was better than the three that won grand prize in my opinion. It totally made me want to dance around the office! Keep up the good work! Sam[/quote:c842a5c5b5] Nice one! Thanks a lot.
  • May 18, 2007


    Personal Fav

    I agree with the person who posted above (I thought this before I read their comment). This is a great song. Great vox sample. I really enjoyed this a lot,so of course I DL'd it!

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