"YELLOW LIPS" by jikjax

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  • May 8, 2007


    Great choice of that super-swingy house beat and those strings. The guitars in the beginning work great too. Fem vox are nice too, and how they trade off with that hammered dulcimer (or is that a sped up piano piece?) Nice melody. That's your own melody, yes, the piano/dulcimer thing? I think the slap bass is a little loud / in your face. Could be just EQd down a bit. The string part gets very tiring/boring for me after 2:00 without change. Would be real refreshing to hear the strings go down to a different chord for a middle section. Also the drums could use some changing up -- there are nice ways to chop up these loops so you can make them change every few bars, or drop out the hats for a bit, etc. Ask around here for help if you haven't done that before. When the chinese string thing comes in at 3:20 it's nice but *way* too loud. I'd pop it back some and maybe verb it to give it some presence so it fits in better with the rest of the track. All in all, really musical. A great piece, and I'd love to hear it developed some more (hence all the comments. :)

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