"Out post aiff" by joevirus

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About This Track

My first finished track using logic 8 Good techno feel to this 1 hope you like peace jv www.mysapce.com/joevirusdnb www.virus.t83.net


  • May 10, 2009


    Sounds dope.. Really dig the mood of your music. I've got Logic Express.... Love the piano roll, but I just can't tear myself away from Ableton. I'd probably still be shredding fruity loops 5 if I could run it on my Macbook.
  • May 10, 2009


    Holy Shit!!! This is fucking sick!!! I love the off-key sound you've got going on here. This rivals with Spor and Phace's Dying of the Light!! Keep doing what you're doing!!
  • May 10, 2009


    big tune there man u should be sending shit like that to the big DJ's
  • May 12, 2009


    Thx guys big up 4 the love!! Theres some really good tracks that you lot are makin on here lately Future stars in the making i think.... keep up the good work peeps! peace joevirus ps check out my new track on my space its called "Alone in the dark" www.myspace.com/joevirusdnb
  • October 25, 2009


    Twisted-wonderful. Love the freaky acidy squeachy bassline. Nice crystal sound -- you're making good use of Logic. Would love to know what some of the effects / plugins are that you're making use of here.
  • March 1, 2010


    Parts of it sound quite Photek-like (eg. @ 1.14-1.20). Very nice!
  • March 2, 2010


    heavy tune

    wicked tune, really like the bass. I use logic 8 and been trying to make those type of basslines for a while, what synths you using?
  • May 29, 2010


    sorry for the delay getting back bro( @ djnarcs) i use the ex2 mainly but also albino3 and massive i tend to bounce the raw sound down a couple of times slightly different and build up layers in the ex24 with some modulation.. :) like your trax on here bro good quality jump up :) i dnt like the hazzard flex to much but this ragga flex your on is cool bro peace joe

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