"Toxic (I.B.H.S. mix)" by construct

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About This Track

well as usual its not finished, but I just wanted to freak you all out with a bit of Britney lol (yes...you heard correctly, for my sins...)


  • March 23, 2009


    Look on the bright side, it was going to be jungle.... ...oh and crank it up for full effect.... Will get some editing and chopping.. (by the way I.B.H.S. stands for 'if Britney had soul')
  • March 25, 2009


    Okay, now that I heard this version after the DnB Edit, I honestly like this one better. Not mad at the use of Britney's vocal's (I couldn't do it better, trust me) you make her sound sinister. It's songs' like these that should be played at shows'. Seriously! Keep em coming mate!
  • March 25, 2009



    I did feel a bit dirty using Britney licks (lol), but there was scope there and just rolled with it. Whatever next? Darkside Disney? I'm a sucker for the 'Bubblegum meets Bitumen' concepts..... These were thrown together over a couple of days too...

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