"Modus Operandi" by construct

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  • March 20, 2009


    really good sounds in this track but the arrangement lost me a little, keep your sound and think about where your tracks going and youll be making awesome tracks.
  • March 21, 2009



    Funny, I thought I did make awesome tracks! The arrangement is pretty straightforward and the one thing I have plenty of experience with (12 yrs), more of a tune than a D&B banger. If it lost you then let me know when you've caught up! As with all of these tunes, it's the patches I'm after, so even if the tune itself isn't all that, it will usually have provided a patch that will contribute to future projects. I'm still settling into my set up, this track actually started as a completely different tune. One day you will probably all notice that I am no longer posting. This will be due to the immense awesomeness of my tunes and my reluctance to give them out for free!! :) lol I listened to 'set in stone', nice break work, but the sounds used were very basic, unfinished sounding, even. Severe lack of bassline left me wanting somewhat too, but I'm sure you will be improving on it at some point. Good to have you on sampleswap bro.
  • March 21, 2009


    Thanks bro :) ive checked some of your trax out 2 im impressed! im using a mac at the mo i only bought 3 weeks ago so im just using reason at the moment. (untill i get a copy of logic pro 8) all the sounds i used in the track apart from the intro synth i made on subtractor and the malstrom. with some distortion etc. all the beats i write using the redrum. All my others on myspace i made using cubase sx3 on my pc which i find much better than reason because you can use many good vsti's like ni massive b-station etc were you are limited with reason.:( what r u using m8??? i hear fruity 8 is very good where in the south west you living??? anyway dude glad some1 likes me choons on here :) most peeps only like the soft stuff lol

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