"After The Storm" by Stephen Nicholas

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About This Track

Hope to include this as part of a series of "Soundscapes" pieces that might some up those special places were we feel somthing special. This peace was done for my son, who like me has always loved the sounds a storm might bring. Hope you enjoy it too.


  • March 2, 2009



    I like this. Did you actually record the storm sounds live? or find them in presets/samplebanks? there was something haunting and almost 'Vangelis-like' about the pads and harmonies. It really did take me somewhere else.... Was nice to take my head away from all the banging noise I deal with daily, more of the same please....
  • March 3, 2009


    Thx construct, Realy happy you fealt somthing from this. The sounds were found after long searches on the webb, yet would like to have a go at recording some day. The dog barking was a tricky sound to get right; as wanted it to be a distance away. This was my first finished attempt in FL lol, yet have to start somwere!

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