"Project-one" by tibe1975

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About This Track

as the name states, my first real project, as unfinished as it sounds, i realise i have a long way ahead, let the journey begin.....(by the way: if you like this, thank the guys who provided the samples, not me, i just put them on top of each other)


  • October 8, 2008



    Haha, yes, theres quite a lot of samples you got there. I think this would fall under the Glitch/Darkstep genre, but then again darkstep is at a fast tempo. If I am not mistakened, Darkstep runs at about 190+ BPM. Good track though.
  • October 9, 2008



    thanks for the comments, never heard of darkstep before, but it's all good. even the name is cool. I find it hard to put things in boxes. If i like a sound, i do , if i don't well...i don't life can be so simple.

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