"Jack Bumbler (cheese please)" by Brap Allgood

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Track 10 from my new remaster project called AbsoSNAPly. http://brapallgood.com for more, eh


  • August 1, 2008


    More infos

    This was recorded a few years ago, dug up and mastered just yesterday (and OH OH OH, what a day it WAS!) for practice, as I am new to this portion of the process. The track was recorded using nothing more than [url=http://audacity.sourceforge.net/]Audacity[/url] and was performed live using nothing more than my [url=http://www.korg.co.uk/products/dance_dj/sx1/dj_sx1.asp]Korg Electribe SX-1[/url]. But OH OH OH, how it shines with a little mastering magic applied. :) I hardly ever touch my ESX nowadays (Ableton Live rules), but I had a lot of fun making these tracks. NONE of the samples are from SampleSwap. :) Rather, I flipped channels on a television and when I found relative quiet, I hit the record button to catch whatever sound happened to arrive next. OH BOY, did I get some neat and totally random stuff this way. (Of course, I also used some drums, keys and loops already found in the SX...it wasn't ALL teevee.) Anyway, the 'AbsoSNAPly' project will be available as a whole and free for download within a few days at [url=http://brapallgood.com/freebraps.html]this page[/url], I expect. I encoded 3 different bitrate (128/192/320) versions last night and will have them up soon as I get some artwork and info arranged. 17 tracks, but some are just little bits of fun that fill space between tracks. I have always liked those albums. :) Anyway, maybe you will enjoy listening to them. :) I found that I still do...when they are mastered nicely - which I hope you think they are. I didn't go far and wide playing them on other systems. [url=http://brapallgood.com]Brap Allgood[/url] P.S. Waves to Canton! P.P.S. Check out [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyc1pXhIY7I]my new video[/url]! Whoo hoo!

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