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  • June 12, 2008


    just some advice...

    hm, well i might be out of line, but i would suggest maybe spending some more time on each song. it seems to me that each of these songs is a one day process, however i may be wrong. each song sounds rather empty to me. i like the direction you're going with downtempo music, but i suppose that's biased because hardcore drives me crazy. i guess i would just suggest on working on each song a bit longer. maybe spend some extra time changing up the melodies, adding breaks in the beat (changeups and such), subtle percussive additions, equalizing, etc. i don't know, just some advice i suppose. i'm not here to say that my way is the right way, but i know i can't finish a song in one day and be happy.
  • June 13, 2008


    thnx much for the input m8 ill try my best puttin the advise to good use and i think your right it doesnt have any real depth but these are just my first 3 try's in the last 2 days ;) though i spend hours on makin it though in anycase much apreciated advise and i will put it to good use :) P.S. advise is never out of line...

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