Behind the scenes at

Did you know this collection of free drum loops and audio samples is lovingly maintained by hand, by one person? Watch how over 3,000 uploaded samples are ruthlessly cut down to under 100 quality samples.

Why does it take so long for newly uploaded samples to get folded into the live collection?

Because every sample is:

  • Verified to be interesting and non-sucky
  • Normalized
  • Samplerate / bit-depth converted to 16bit 44Khz
  • Edited to zero-crossings (no clicks!) and loops are trimmed to perfection
  • BPM calculated
  • Given a clever name and carefully copied into the appropriate collection started off as a hotline server in 2000. Since then, over 100GB of samples were contributed in order to form the 6.5 GB collection you see here today.



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