These are 44.1 Khz/16 Bit samples of the LinnDrum. The Lin is fitted with the standard EPROMs (# 1) except for the conga (#2) and the Tom (#6). These samples are brought to you by List of Sounds: Cabasa CHH = closed highhat with medium decay CHHL = closed HH with long decay CHHS = closed HH with short decay Clap Conga = mid conga Congah = high conga Congahh = very high conga Congal = low conga Congall = very low conga Congalll = guess what Cowb = cowbell Crash Kick Kickme = special Kick OHH = open High Hat (note the sound of it closing again) Reallinn = sampled loop of the real thing Ride SD = snare SDH = high snare SDL = low Snare SST = sidestick SSTH = high sidestick SSTL = low sidestick tamb = hey mr. tambourine man tom = mid tom tomh = high tom tomhh = very high tom toml = low tom tomll = lowlow tom