Yo, Money This collection is distilled from the most essential loops of a collection called "classic beats and breaks" that was out on Scarface records in 1994. Since Scarface didn't actually make any of the material on the cd, (it's a collection of samples from records) I doubt they can complain about a collection of these loops made for shareware usage. Remember that you should feel free to cut these loops up and use bits of them in different arrangements (Recycle is your friend). Most of these loops have been used 8,000 times by 8,000 different producers. Many of these loops are PLAYED OUT, as in, people will hear them and go "oh, no, that again?" But they're still really tight. So if you can come up with your own take on them, more power to you. Go on. Just don't loop that "funky drummer" beat or the "amen" loop and play something simple over it, because people will probably throw rocks, cinder blocks, and rotten fruit at you. This is especially true if you are a pasty white dj or electronic musician with no funk in your body at all whatsoever. There is a special circle of hell waiting for the unfunky who steal the funk. So cut them up, ok? Even armed with just this loops collection, it would be possible to make an endless variety of new music for the rest of your life, if you are able to cut up and re-arrange the little bits in creative ways. They're good for texture and flavor when you need a little something else in your rhythm track, or if you're tired of using TR808/909 kicks and snares all the time. Or if you're just fuckin' lazy. -hand held p.s. they're in AIFF format cuz I'm on a Mac. FUCK MICROSUCK! Enjoy it! David links: http://www.genuineparticle.com http://www.somnaut.com http://www.mysterydimension.com