"Brown Bread" by Robert Meyers

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About This Track

Nice full warm track... good positive vibes... used Reason 3.0 and MAudio Axiom49.


  • May 12, 2007


    The kick that drops in at 0:32 is too big, I think -- takes over the mix. Would be nice to have a mellower, or sharper, smaller kick there -- esp. since there's a nice deep kick that comes in with the 16th hats just a little while later. The synth in at 1:04 is a great idea! I like the syncopation. I think the sound is a little weak -- could be more agressive/interesting. *such pretty* melodies in at 2:42. Thank you :) Around 4:10 there's a lot of bass end stuff that starts stepping on its own toes -- needs to be cleaned up down there so the subbass can be better defined. Nice piece.
  • September 3, 2009



    just going through some of my aging uploads here. thanks for the honest feedback. you definitely help me evolve in the trade!

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